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Liquid Line Filter Drier w/ SAE Fitting - Mono Flow

Liquid Line Filter Drier w/ SAE Fitting - Mono Flow


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Tested, qualified and trusted at the leading OEMs in HVAC Air Conditioning, Heat Pump and Refrigeration systems, Wilspec Filter Driers protect your system compressors and other high value valve and line components. 

Wilspec Filter Driers are available in both loose bead and molded core desiccant varieties, housed in a leak-free steel design with corrosion resistant finish.

Built to OEM specs for unmatched safety and performance, Wilspec Filter Driers are trusted to protect your system’s critical components while maximizing system performance.

Application: Liquid Line

Flow: Mono-Flow (Single Direction) OR Bi-Flow (Bi-Directional)

Fitting: Male SAE Flare

Core: Solid molded core or Loose Bead

Desiccant: 80% Desiccant / 20% Activated Alumina

Filtration: Particle filtration down to 20 μm

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